Is Electric Tow Vehicle Impossible?

Tata Motors has enough decent electric vehicles with sufficient range on battery. However, what you usually don’t see in their reviews, is the towing capacity of electric cars. Towing requires a lot of power and efficiency and puts cars through very challenging trials.

The first electric cars that appeared on the market were not designed to tow. However, as battery technology has advanced and evolved over the years, more and more automakers have started incorporating towing capabilities into their electric vehicles.

While some models are still considered too weak in terms of power and efficiency, many others currently offer very impressive towing capacity. In fact, as reported by Motor Trend, some of the top electric tow vehicles have been able to pull up to 7,000 pounds worth of weight! And let’s not forget about cars like Tesla Semi, a fully capable electric semi-truck, able to tow up to 80,000 pounds. Or the EV R1T Rivian that can successfully pull 11,000 pounds.

So why is it that these electric cars are able to handle such heavy loads? The answer lies in their powerful motors and efficient battery systems. Not only do these components allow electric cars to have a lot of power under the hood, but they also improve their overall performance.

How does towing affect electric vehicle range?

A gas-powered vehicle will take more time to cover the same distance when towing, and it will consume extra fuel because of how much harder it has to work. Electric vehicles behave the same while towing. They deplete their batteries faster, reducing their range.

Depending on the towing capacity, engine and load, the electric vehicle’s range can be cut almost in half. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available on the market that can handle a heavy load while still allowing you to get far distances.

Is there an electric Tata Motors truck that can tow?

Yes, there are a number of electric Tata Motors trucks that are designed for towing. Some popular models include the T4e and the Prima Electric, both of which offer impressive towing capacity and performance. Additionally, Tata Motors T.7 truck can tow about 81,000 pounds, just like Tesla Semi.

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