What is standard size car in the US?

In the United States, a regular car is about 4399mm long, 1821 wide, and 1534mm tall. To give you some perspective, that is approximately the same size as a Fiat 500 in terms of height and the length and width of a BMW 1 Series. Although it might seem snug for some people, this should not be unexpected considering that cars such as the Ford Fiesta , Vauxhall Corsa ,and Volkswagen Golf are very popular among Britons .

What are the different types of car sizes?

Not sure if a car will be the right size for you? To give you an idea of the different dimensions of cars available, here is a rough guide to their average widths, lengths and heights.

City Cars

Average Length: 2695mm to 3665mm

Average Height: 1460mm to 1610mm

Average Width: 1475mm to 1665mm

There are some outstanding city cars available today, including the Volkswagen Up!, Toyota Aygo, and Skoda Citigo e-IV. These vehicles all have great features that make driving in the city a breeze.

City cars have plenty of positives, like excellent fuel efficiency, low road taxes and insurance rates, the ability to personalize them to your taste, and more. They’re also a snap to park and getting around tight city streets is no problem at all.

City cars are best suited to those who work in populated areas and travel solo; this includes both young professionals and older drivers. The smaller design of city cars is perfect for navigating tight roads often found throughout busy cities and small towns.

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Average Length: 3821mm and 4084mm

Average Height: 1414mm to 1578mm

Average Width: 1665mm to 1780mm

Superminis are a great choice for small families who need a bit more practicality than a city car but don’t want the bulk of a hatchback. Some popular models include the Renault Zoe, MINI Hatchback, and Audi A1. These cars offer increased manoeuvrability and reduced fuel economy thanks to their compact dimensions. And with an increasing number of electric superminis on the market – like the new MINI Electric – there’s never been a better time to go green without sacrificing convenience or style.

Superminis are best suited for drivers carrying more than one or two passengers who need more space for comfort than a city car. They tend to be popular with younger drivers who commute in and out of the city and don’t require too much space for cargo.

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Average Length: 4425mm to 4726mm

Average Height: 1418mm to 1575mm

Average Width: 1703mm to 1871mm

The hatchback remains one of the most popular cars on the market, their medium size making them perfect for growing families, giving them just about everything they could need in a car. Current hatchbacks on the market include the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, the Honda Civic and the Kia XCeed.

Advantages of owning a hatchback include excellent build quality, economical engines and lots of space, meaning they can be parked easily on driveways and in supermarket car parks. 

Hatchbacks are best suited for young families, couples looking to have kids, or drivers who might have to carry the odd passenger. Hatchbacks offer the flexibility of most crossovers and SUVs but without the fuel economy of bigger vehicles

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Large Cars (e.g. Saloons and Estate Cars)

Average Length: 4236mm to 4966mm

Average Height: 1429mm to 1550mm

Average Width: 1693mm to 1895mm

Large cars, such as Saloons and Estate cars, are extremely popular with bigger families and business professionals, as they are reliable, economical, practical, and far sharper to drive than an SUV with almost all models offering a generous amount of boot space.

With plenty of sleek estates and saloons available, there is bound to be a large car to suit your needs and budget. If you are business executive looking for a bit of luxury and style, there are options such as the Audi A4, BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class. If you are a bigger family looking for decent fuel economy and good reliability, consider the Ford Mondeo, Skoda Octavia and VW Passat.

Large cars are best suited for families carrying multiple passengers and all their luggage, such as the school run or weekend sports activities. However, there are also popular with business professionals who carry cargo when commuting up and down the motorway, covering plenty of miles. 

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Average Length: 4068mm to 5130mm

Average Height: 1530mm to 1860mm

Average Width: 1695mm to 1928mm

The best way to transport people and their stuff at the same time is with an MPV. They are a practical option and offer great value for money. There are some great MPVs on the market, including the Volkswagen Sharan, BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer, Volkswagen Touran and the Ford S- Max.

Typically, large MPVs contain seven-seats, which work well for larger families. You can also get smaller versions of MPVs with five seats. Even with these smaller versions, they still tend to be more spacious for passengers and cargo than other types of cars. Other benefits include more safety features as well as a high driving position providing great for all-round visibility.

An MPV is best suited for drivers who might have a large family but who also require a lot of vehicle space for their job. MPVs can facilitate multiple passengers and carry a fair amount of cargo thanks to their large interior and massive boot space. 

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